Cloud Server

A cloud server is a compute or storage resource that users can access over the internet, acquire or release on demand, and pay for based on usage level. From a cloud owner’s or administrator’s perspective, several requirements must be met in order to provide users with cloud server capabilities (sometimes known as Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS). For one, server virtualization software is required so as to make it fast and easy to spin up and manage cloud server instances, and to optimize the utilization of the underlying hardware platforms. Second, there must be mechanisms in place to support secure multi-tenancy, and to precisely track each user’s utilization of resources. A third cloud server requirement is some manner of web API to facilitate self-service on the part of service users.

Another key cloud server requirement is a high-performance and ultra-dependable hardware platform, to support the 24/7 high utilization associated with cloud services. To meet this requirement many leading organizations turn to Thinkmate, a premier provider of custom-built server and data storage solutions. Thinkmate offers servers optimized for cloud compute workloads and servers optimized for cloud storage.

Cloud Server Systems for Compute

Thinkmate’s solution for private or public cloud compute environments is our HDX line of cloud server systems. These high-density servers allow you to increase computing density while minimizing your requirements for space, cooling, and power. Thinkmate’s HDX cloud server systems are available in a wide range of configurations, from 1U to 3U, Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors, SATA or SAS hot-swap drives, and integrated InfiniBand. You can configure systems on your own through our industry-best online configurator, or have a Thinkmate solutions engineer assist you in determining which configuration will best fit your current and projected needs.

Along with our own HDX cloud server systems, Thinkmate is also a leading reseller of Supermicro servers including Twin Server and Twin2 systems. For any Thinkmate or Supermicro server system that we sell we offer a 3 year warranty with advance parts replacement.

Cloud Server Systems for Storage

For cloud storage workloads Thinkmate offers our STX-NS line of storage servers which are optimized for bulk storage of unstructured data – perfect for high volume NAS network storage environments, NoSQL clustered storage environments, and other common cloud storage topologies. Thinkmate STX-NS server systems for storage are available in footprints from 2U to 4U, with from 12 up to 72 hot-swappable SATA HDDs, with drive size ranging from 1TB to 5TB. Like all Thinkmate systems, these cloud-optimized custom storage solutions are backed by exceptional customer service and industry-best warranty terms.

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