CAD Workstation

Investing in a versatile CAD workstation is one of the smartest ways businesses can boost productivity and innovation in design and engineering departments. Professional-class workstation computers offer significant advantages over even the most powerful desktop PC. Designed to meet the performance, stability, and expandability requirements of demanding CAD application users, CAD workstations are equipped with powerful graphics processing capabilities and support reliability-enhancing options such as error-correcting code (ECC) memory. With a workflow-optimized CAD workstation, designing and delivering projects is simply faster and easier.

Purchasing a CAD Workstation: Defining Your Priorities

When purchasing a CAD workstation, your first step should be to determine your budget and identify your primary CAD software and application usage patterns. To streamline time-consuming workflows and achieve the best return on your investment, you will want to build and configure your computer workstation to support and expedite the performance of the specific tasks you do most. For example, if your primary workflow is rendering concept designs, a multi-threaded operation, you will find that the more cores your machine has the more productive you are. If this is your first CAD workstation purchase, you may find it helpful to consult your software developer’s recommended system requirements.

The Basic Components of the Modern CAD Workstation

Most CAD users will benefit from a PC workstation featuring the following components:
  • A quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor or a quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor, which supports ECC memory—a must for workflows requiring 24/7 app stability and zero data corruption.
  • A minimum of 16GB of physical RAM or more depending on the size of your models/data sets.
  • A professional workstation graphics solution, which includes hardware and drivers that improve and accelerate the performance of certain CAD applications.

A professional-grade CAD workstation will typically include a high-end GPU such as the NVIDIA® Quadro®. These 3D graphics processing units integrate advanced computing capabilities and visualization techniques that optimize the performance of many sophisticated CAD applications.

Building the Best CAD Workstation for You

Ultimately, after deciding to invest in certain key technologies, you’ll want to build a balanced CAD workstation in which the performance and capabilities of each component are compatible. That’s where we can help. At Thinkmate, the #1 provider of high-end workstations and an experienced custom computer builder, we carefully choose the best components for each and every workstation and carry out testing to ensure their compatibility and the superior performance and reliability of the total system.

Built and stress-tested in our ISO-certified facility in Norwood, MA, all of our workstations come with our award-winning three-year warranty and exceptional customer support. With our convenient online ordering system, you can customize your workstation to suit your applications and particular user demands. And we’ll provide you with the most reliable purpose-built workstation on the market and the best service in the IT industry today.

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