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Choosing the best workstation for GPU acceleration

A GPU workstation has become an essential part of the technology stack for engineers, creatives, and other professionals working with compute-intensive applications. By enabling users to leverage the massively parallel processing capabilities of GPU computing, the best GPU workstations enable users to work more intuitively, to simplify complicated workflows and to produce better output with less effort and time.

When you're looking for the best workstation with GPU acceleration for your specific needs and IT environment, Thinkmate offers a wide range of options that deliver breakthrough performance, and ultimate reliability along with extremely competitive GPU prices.

What makes the best workstation for GPU performance?

The most important feature of GPU workstations is the GPU card itself. A GPU, or graphics processing unit, incorporates hundreds of processing cores and highly parallel architecture to enable faster processing of heavily paralyzed tasks, providing much higher throughput than workstations with CPUs alone. The best GPUs can help to accelerate complex computing, visualization and simulation tasks for compute-intensive and graphic-intensive applications as well as AI and high-performance computing.

Selecting the best GPU workstation depends on the type of workloads the computer will handle. A GPU workstation may be configured to manage graphics-intensive application processes like 3D ray tracing, or to optimize the visualization and computing performance of certain applications. The best workstation for GPU-accelerated tasks like visualizing, computing, rendering, and interacting with simulations may require a dual- or multi-GPU configuration.

Find the best workstation for GPU acceleration at Thinkmate

Thinkmate is the #1 provider of custom workstations, servers and storage solutions, providing customers with the ability to completely custom configure every machine. Our line of GPU-optimized workstations provides exceptional quality, breakthrough performance and stunning graphics. Supporting NVIDIA Tesla GPU computing accelerators, our GPX series of GPU workstations are designed to handle the most sophisticated and computationally intensive applications.

To provide the best GPU workstations, we offer:

  • The highest quality components such as Gold Level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards and enterprise-class hard drives and solid-state drives, all of which have been extensively tested.
  • An award-winning, 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, providing you with the assurance that your Thinkmate equipment will continue to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Complete customizability. Every GPU workstation is 100% customizable through our world-class configurator which offers more customizable options than any other system builder online.

In addition to GPU workstations, Thinkmate provides GPU servers featuring accelerators such as the NVIDIA Tesla V100, and options for an NVIDIA grid server, as well as a wide range of additional servers including Supermicro 1U Atom server options.

Configuring the best GPU workstation

Configuring the best workstation with GPU accelerators at Thinkmate is easy. You'll have a choice of up to 4 GPUs, 4-8 drive bays, 1-2 processors and up to 2 TB of maximum RAM. On our online configurator, you can choose from a wide range of processors, memory cards, solid-state and hard drives, video cards, controller cards, network cards, monitors, peripherals and more. In addition to GPU accelerators, you can add GPU graphics and video cards like the NVIDIA TITAN GPU or the NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU. Prices are clearly marked for each item, and with each component that you add or subtract, the total price of your configured system will be revised and shown at the top of the page, so you always know where you stand price-wise as you're configuring the best GPU workstation for your needs.

Why Thinkmate provides the best GPU workstations

At Thinkmate, we've been custom-building workstations, servers and storage for more than 25 years. Our commitment to exceptional quality has made us a go-to provider for organizations in business, education and government as they seek to provide equipment that can deliver the highest quality and performance. And our highly competitive pricing ensures that our customers achieve low cost of ownership and superior ROI from their investment in Thinkmate equipment.

All of our GPU workstations are built in the USA at our facilities in Massachusetts. Our customer service and technical support are second to none, providing access to help when you need it from real people, not robots, when you contact us by phone or email.

FAQs: What is the best workstation with GPU acceleration?

What is a GPU-optimized workstation?

A GPU-optimized workstation is a computer equipped with one or more graphics processing units that provide high levels of parallel processing to significantly improve performance and throughput, enabling users to accelerate complex computing tasks and to take advantage of compute-intensive applications.

What is the best workstation for GPU acceleration?

The best workstation for GPU acceleration depends on the needs of the user. When sourcing computers, the best workstation GPU strategy is to acquire equipment from a provider who can deliver 100% customization for each and every workstation, tailoring the number of GPUs, drive bays, processors and the amount of RAM to meet the specific needs of users and their workloads.

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