2U Server

A 2U server rackmount footprint offers a good compromise between physical size and computing power as well as storage capacity. It provides an upgrade from 1U servers when an increase in physical space is required for additional hardware components such as hard disks. As a modular unit, it can be built upon in a 42U rack cabinet with other 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, or larger server configurations when required.

Run High Performance and Critical Applications with a 2U Server

Processor and storage configurations available in 2U servers provide a particularly capable hardware platform for high performance computing applications in engineering, finance, education, medicine, and entertainment. For enterprises, a 2U server is ideal for department-level or small business database applications, email server and storage, virtualization, or critical business applications such as those for decision support and e-commerce.

For storage, a 2U NAS server can be deployed as a building block for a high performance storage solution capable of high-volume transactional workloads that require continuous availability and transactional reliability. A 2U server configured for storage can be equipped with hot-swappable hard disks that can support high capacity requirements for cloud and enterprise applications.

High Performance 2U Server Products from Thinkmate

2U servers from Thinkmate are best-in-class rackmount servers for performance, efficiency, and customization using the best hardware components available. In addition to general purpose rack servers, Thinkmate also provides GPU-powered servers, high density servers, and storage servers in a 2U size.

Thinkmate’s GPX GPU-optimized servers deliver massively parallel processing power that are powered by redundant power supplies and energy-saving motherboards. A Thinkmate GPX 2U server can support up to 6 GPUs and 10 hot-swappable SATA drives. For HPC parallel processing applications such as financial simulation, medical imaging, and quantum chemistry, Thinkmate’s GPX servers are the ideal computing hardware to run them.

Thinkmate’s HDX high density servers enable increased computing density with decreased cost, energy, and space requirements. A Thinkmate HDX 2U server can package up to 8 multi-core processors with multiple hot-swappable drives. Thinkmate's HDX servers offer industry-leading computing density perfect for HPC clusters, search engine nodes, and space-constrained data centers.

Thinkmate's STX storage servers are a comprehensive range of rackmount storage servers ideal for use in enterprise, data center, and cloud computing environments. A Thinkmate STX 2U server can be used for bulk cloud storage, NAS, replicated environments, backup and archiving, highly available external storage arrays, data warehousing and mining, and OLTP. A Thinkmate STX 2U server can be configured with up to 24 hot swappable drives with various processor and networking options.

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