2U Rack Server

Options for rack servers abound with different footprints catering to server computer sizing requirements of applications. In an industry standard 42U rack, a 2U rack server offers a step up in size and performance from a 1U rack server without a significant increase in cost and consumption of space in the 42U rack. Yet, a 2U server can meet the computing requirements of most enterprise and web applications either by itself or by scaling up with additional 2U servers.

Advantages of a 2U Rack Server

A 2U server offers advantages over smaller 1U and larger 3U, 4U, and 5U servers. Generally, a 2U rack server is good compromise between size, features, and cost. Additionally, most 2U servers have sufficient computing and storage resources for enterprise, virtual, and cloud computing applications.

Over the years, 1U rack servers have seen increased performance due to technological improvements in hardware components. However, because of the physical size of a 1U chassis, heat generation and retention can stress a 1U server’s cooling system and cause premature failure of components. With a 2U rack server, the larger physical volume of a 2U chassis allows for better airflow using larger and more powerful cooling fans resulting in higher heat dissipation out of the chassis. Moreover, the larger physical size of a 2U chassis can accommodate more drives and expansion cards increasing the capabilities and features of the 2U server. Power consumption can also be lower with 2U servers. In a 42U rack populated with a large number of 1U servers, total power consumed by this rack can be higher than a 42U rack populated with 2U servers of equivalent computing power and performance.

The cost of a 2U rack server is typically lower than a 1U server as well as larger 3U, 4U, or 5U servers. The smaller 1U server requires smaller and more expensive components and often have integrated subsystems in its motherboard that increase the cost of the motherboard. Larger 3U, 4U, and 5U systems use larger and more expensive chassis and power supplies that add to acquisition costs. Colocation costs of these larger footprints can also be much higher than a 2U rack server.

2U Rack Server Solutions Available from Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a wide range of 2U size servers including pre-configured and custom configurable 2U rack servers. Thinkmate also offers a comprehensive selection of 2U servers from Supermicro including Supermicro SuperServer®, Supermicro 2U Twin, Supermicro 2U Twin2, and Supermicro SuperStorage.

Standard 2U rack servers available from Thinkmate support up to 4 CPUs, 1TB of memory, and ten 3.5” or sixteen 2.5” SAS/SATA hot-swappable drives. Each standard 2U rack server chassis can be configured with redundant power supplies. Nvidia® and Intel® GPU-optimized configurations are also available for Thinkmate and Supermicro 2U servers.

Supermicro 2U Twin and Supermicro 2U Twin2 servers are high density and high availability server configurations. A Supermicro 2U Twin server has two hot-swappable server nodes in a 2U chassis. A Supermicro 2U Twin2 server has four hot-swappable server nodes in a 2U chassis. Both configurations include high efficiency redundant power supplies.

Supermicro SuperStorage is a high storage density storage solution available in a 2U rack server chassis. Its Double-Sided Storage® architecture allows drives to be stacked in the front and rear of the server chassis. In 2U size, a maximum of twelve 3.5” and twenty-four 2.5” hot-swappable SAS/SATA drives can be configured.

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