24 Bay Storage Server

Maximize capacity with a 24 bay storage server

A 24 bay storage server provides significant data storage capacity for a wide variety of workloads. From network-attached storage to RAID arrays and high-capacity nearline storage, a 24 bay server provides your data center with optimal capacity in a small footprint.

As a leading provider of custom-built servers, storage solutions and workstations, Thinkmate offers a number of options for a 24 bay storage server that can satisfy the requirements of any computing environment and any high-capacity workload.

Which drives make the most sense for your storage server?

When configuring a 24 bay storage server, you have the option of choosing SAS or SATA drives, and between solid-state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD).


SAS drives are faster and more reliable, making them best suited to mission-critical workloads and primary storage. SAS drives have less capacity than SATA drives and they cost significantly more.

SATA drives are slower than SAS drives, making them best suited to secondary storage where data is accessed less frequently. They offer higher capacity drives at a cost that is roughly 75% less than SAS drives. SATA drives excel at sequential read/writes making them an ideal storage for files, images, media or backups.


Hard disk drives (HDD) use a motor-driven spindle that holds flat circular spinning disks or platters onto which data is stored and retrieved via magnetic heads. The moving parts of an HDD make it more likely to crash or to be damaged by vibration, and they use more electricity than solid-state drives (SSD). HDDs have higher latency, longer read/write times and provide fewer IOPs, but they offer a much higher capacity than solid-state drives at a far lower cost, delivering a much better cost per gigabyte stored.

Solid-state drives have no moving parts – they are essentially a memory chip – so they use less power and generate no heat. Their performance is not impacted by vibration and they are less likely to crash. SSDs have lower latency, faster read/writes and deliver higher IOPs than HDDs. The cost of SSDs is much higher and the capacity of SSD drives is lower than HDDs.

A 24 bay storage server from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been providing storage solutions, servers and workstations to customers in business, education and government for more than 25 years. Combining cutting-edge technology with superior customer service and extremely competitive pricing, we have become the #1 provider of white box solutions that can be completely customized for any computing environment.

Thinkmate 24 bay storage servers include:

  • NAS storage servers. Thinkmate STX-NS servers provide capacity-optimized network-attached storage that is ideal for moderate workloads, 24x7 cloud data centers, replicated data environments, scale-out storage and more. Powered by ThinkNAS™ software, our 24 bay storage servers support up-to-date workloads including file sharing, email archiving, web content storage and storage of virtual machine images.
  • Nearline storage servers. Thinkmate STX-NL servers are designed to support enterprise-class nearline workloads with reliable, robust, bulk storage for an always-connected world. Our 24 bay nearline storage servers offer HDD capacities up to 8 TB in SATA or SAS interfaces, and provide excellent IOPs/TB along with the availability, reliability and serviceability required from enterprise-class storage devices.

In addition to 24 bay storage servers, we offer options for a 12 bay server, a Gigabyte storage server and JBOD machines that are among our largest storage server devices.

How to build your Thinkmate 24 bay storage server

When you're ready to custom build a 24 bay server with Thinkmate, you can begin by selecting a base model NAS or nearline storage server in our world-class configurator. You'll have the option of narrowing our wide selection of servers by platform, CPU sockets, form factor, maximum RAM and other features. Then you can customize your machine by choosing from an extensive list of components including processors, memory, controller cards, network cards, PCIe cards, operating systems, software and more. We offer a wide range of drives for your 24 bay storage server, including SATA hard drives and SSD drives, and SAS hard drives and SSD drives.

The price of every component is transparently marked, enabling you to know exactly what you're paying for your machine as you configure it. As you build your 24 bay storage server to your exact specifications, our expert solution architects are always available to answer questions and help to make sure the components you're selecting are compatible.

Why choose Thinkmate?

At Thinkmate, we've been building custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Our customers come to us for 24 bay storage servers and other machines because they know they can count on our commitment to superior quality, our deep technical expertise and the outstanding reliability of our servers and storage solutions.

Our customer service team and our solution experts are always ready to answer questions or provide assistance in configuring a machine to your exact specifications. Every Thinkmate machine is built in the USA at our facilities in Massachusetts and covered by a 3-year warranty with advance parts replacement. And because we have strong relationships with our direct suppliers – the same vendors that provide components to the big name manufacturers – we can offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our custom configured equipment.

FAQs: What is a 24 bay storage server?

What is a 24 bay storage server?

A 24 bay storage server is a computer server dedicated to storing data, and one that has 24 drive bays where hard disk drives or solid-state drives may be installed.

What are the advantages of a 24 bay storage server?

A 24 bay storage server enables data center architects to maximize data storage capacity in a small footprint.

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