24 Bay Server

Increase performance with a 24 bay server

When you want to maximize computing performance and data availability, choosing a 24 bay server can help to improve processing speed and maximize storage capacity. A superior 24 bay server features hot-swappable drives that enable you to replace a drive that has failed without needing to power down the server.

Thinkmate offers a broad selection of 24 bay servers that can be custom configured to meet the needs of your computing environment. Combining exceptional reliability, excellent customer service and highly competitive pricing, Thinkmate makes it easy to provision the exact server you need for any workload.

Components in a 24 bay server

When configuring a 24 bay server, you'll have a number of options that include:

Types of hard drives

Solid-state drives (SSD) have lower latency, faster read/writes and higher IOPs than hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs also use less power, have no moving parts and can withstand much higher levels of vibration. However, the cost of SSDs is much higher, and they have read/write limits that HDDs do not.

In contrast, HDDs have higher latency, longer read/write times and fewer IOPs. To read and write data, they rely on rotating disks that require more power and make these drives more susceptible to crashes or damage from vibration. However, HDDs are much less costly than SSDs, and they have a much higher capacity and lower cost per gigabyte stored.


When choosing hard disk drives, you'll have a choice of several types of drives.

SAS drives tend to be faster and more expensive and are made for heavy workloads on servers and mission-critical applications. SAS drives offer superior reliability and throughput and are better suited to 24/7 workloads. However, SAS disks offer lower capacity at a higher cost – SAS drives can be as much as four times the cost of an equivalent SATA drive, and they consume higher amounts of power which translate to higher operational cost.

SATA drives (serial ATA) can be as much as 75% less costly than comparable SAS drives, providing more storage at a lower cost. SATA drives are excellent at writing sequentially and are ideal for storage and backups that are not frequently accessed. However, SATA drives must offload dataflow management to a CPU, negatively impacting system load when disk I/O spikes.

24 bay servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a leading provider of custom servers, storage and workstations for more than 25 years. Every Thinkmate machine is 100% custom configured to meet the specific requirements of a customer's computing environment, and each machine can be paired with a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. By combining exceptional reliability, outstanding customer service and extremely competitive pricing, Thinkmate has become the #1 white box server solutions provider to customers in business, education and government.

We offer an extensive selection of 24 bay servers that can be customized with our world-class online configurator. You can start with a base rackmount model – or one of our GPU servers, high-density servers or storage servers – and tailor the build to your needs by adding or replacing components. Review our extensive list of options to choose the processor, memory, controller cards, network cards, PCIe cards, operating system and software you want. Then modify your 24 bay server with a choice of SATA hard drives, SAS hard drives, SATA solid-state drives and SAS solid-state drives. The cost of every component is clearly marked, so there's never any mystery about the price of your Thinkmate server. And as you're building a machine, our expert solution architects are available to answer questions and help make sure you get a 24 bay server that meets your exact requirements.

More options for 24 bay servers

Thinkmate 24 bay servers include:

  • Rackmount servers. Our RAX line of flexible rackmount servers are available in form factors from 1U to 4U and deliver high levels of proven reliability and performance. Leveraging industry-leading performance-per-watt savings, a 24 bay rackmount server from Thinkmate serves as the perfect building block for a modern, fault-tolerant scalable data center.
  • GPU servers. Our GPX servers are GPU-accelerated, enterprise-class supercomputing servers that deliver massively parallel processing power and unrivaled flexibility for the most computationally intensive applications.
  • High-density servers. Our HDX high-density servers make it possible to operate and maintain multiple systems in one physical space, with an innovative design that increases computing density while minimizing cost, energy and space requirements.
  • NAS storage servers. Our STX-NS line offers large storage server options that deliver affordable, high-capacity, energy-efficient NAS storage optimized for vast amounts of unstructured data. A network-attached 24 bay storage server is ideal for moderate workloads, 24x7 cloud data centers, replicated data environments and scale-out storage.
  • Nearline storage servers. Thinkmate nearline servers provide reliable, robust, nearline bulk storage with predictable and reliable performance for multi-drive server systems.

We also offer Gigabyte storage server products, 12 bay server products and options for a server for SAN storage.

Why customers choose Thinkmate storage solutions

Customers rely on Thinkmate for 24 bay servers and other computing equipment for five critical reasons.

1. Exceptional reliability. Thanks to detailed reliability records and our own stress testing protocols, we have earned a hard-won reputation for building extremely reliable equipment.

2. Competitive pricing. We have the same relationships with direct suppliers as the big name manufacturers. That allows us to meet or beat our competitors' prices on 24 bay servers and other equipment.

3. Excellent service. You'll always reach a live person when you contact us by phone, email or chat, and everyone in our company is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the product, service and value of their Thinkmate equipment.

4. Made-in-the-USA equipment. Every Thinkmate machine is built in our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston Massachusetts.

5. A 3-year warranty. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on every machine, with advanced parts replacement.

FAQs: What is a 24 bay server?

What is a 24 bay server?

A 24 bay server is a computer server or storage solution that features 24 drive bays where hard disk drives, solid-state drives or other drives can be installed.

What are the benefits of a 24 bay server?

A 24 bay server enables data center architects to maximize storage capacity in a small footprint while providing the flexibility for adding or upgrading drives to manage growing volumes of data and evolving server and storage requirements.

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