1U Storage Server

The flexibility of a 1U storage server

As organizations struggle to keep pace with rapidly rising volumes of data and constantly changing storage requirements, a 1U storage server provides flexibility and computing power in a space-saving design. A 1U storage device is ideal for space-constrained environments, delivering greater agility for IT teams as they work to deploy the most efficient and effective solutions for managing data.

When you're seeking a 1U storage server that offers exceptional reliability, outstanding support and highly competitive pricing, you'll find a wide range of custom rackmount options at Thinkmate.

Advantages of a 1U storage server

While a larger storage rack server would seem to offer greater capacity and computing power, a 1U storage server provides significant advantages over servers with other form factors.

  • A space-saving design. A 1U storage server is the ultimate space-saving device, providing IT teams with more flexibility to add capacity as needed and to manage evolving storage requirements in data centers with a limited footprint.
  • Increased productivity. As the size of motherboards, power supplies, drives and processors continues to shrink, the computing power of a 1U storage server can be equal to or greater than that of a larger device, enabling higher productivity per 1U space on a rack.
  • Lower costs. A 1U server is typically more affordable to purchase and maintain, and because it contains fewer components, it consumes less power, providing additional savings.

1U storage servers from Thinkmate

As a leading provider of custom-configured servers, storage solutions and workstations for more than 25 years, Thinkmate offers a comprehensive range of 1U servers that are among the industry's highest performing and most energy-efficient devices – with exceptionally competitive pricing as well.

We offer an extensive selection of 1U server rackmount options and we can custom configure a 1U storage server when a desired configuration is not available. Our in-house hardware and software engineers ensure that each server is built with the highest quality components and extensively tested before it is released to customers. That's why we can offer a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement on every Thinkmate machine.

Our selection of 1U storage devices

At Thinkmate, you'll always have a variety of options for 1U storage servers. Our selection includes:

  • 1U NAS storage devices that offer the ideal balance between high-capacity and performance. Thinkmate NAS servers support a variety of up-to-date workloads including filesharing, email archiving, web content storage and storage of virtual machine options.
  • Supermicro SuperStorage servers, with Intel Xeon processors, dual 10-gigabit ethernet, 2 PCIe 3.0x16 expansion cards and up to 3 TB of maximum RAM.

We also offer a broad array of rackmount servers, GPU servers and high-density servers in a 1U form factor, including options for a 1U Atom server.

Configuring your 1U storage server at Thinkmate is easy. Our world-class configurator offers more customizable options than any other online system builder, and the price of every system and every component is clearly marked, so there's never any mystery about the cost of your machine. You can configure your 1U storage server online by choosing a base model, then adding or replacing components to build a machine that meets your exact requirements.

The benefits of a 1U storage server from Thinkmate

Whether you come to Thinkmate for 1U storage device or for servers and storage for a custom server rack, you'll benefit from:

  • Exceptionally competitive pricing. We have the same relationships with direct suppliers that our big name competitors have, enabling us to meet or beat their prices on storage devices.
  • Remarkable reliability. Our stressed-testing protocols and detailed reliability records have helped us to win an exceptional reputation for delivering reliable equipment, and to offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.
  • Superior quality. We subject our equipment to extensive quality control processes to ensure that every Thinkmate machine will meet our customers' expectations for performance.
  • Equipment that is made in the USA. Every server, storage solution and workstation from Thinkmate is built in our own state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a 1U storage server?

What is a 1U storage server?

1U storage server is a computer server that is dedicated to storing data and is built to fit into a single unit in a standard server rack.

What are the benefits of a 1U storage server?

A 1U storage server offers cost savings over larger storage devices while helping IT teams to improve storage density and to maximize capacity in space-constrained data centers. A 1U storage device is helpful in scaling capacity with greater precision as IT teams work to manage rapidly growing data volumes and quickly changing data storage requirements.

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