1U Storage

A 1U storage device: computing power with a small footprint

A rackmount 1U storage server provides data center architects with the ability to scale storage capacity easily while minimizing space and power consumption. By deploying a 1U storage unit and expanding with additional 1U storage devices as needed, data centers can more easily accommodate growing storage needs in a space-constrained environment.

Thinkmate offers custom configured servers, storage devices and workstations – including custom rackmount 1U storage devices – that deliver the ultimate combination of reliability, flexibility and highly competitive pricing.

Benefits of a 1U storage device

A 1U storage server offers several advantages over devices with larger form factors:

  • Reduced costs. 1U storage units are generally less expensive to acquire and to operate. They consume less power than larger servers, and because they consume less space on server racks, they can offer savings in rack rental costs.
  • Easier scalability. A 1U device enables data centers to scale capacity more easily and with greater precision than storage devices in larger form factors.
  • High performance. As motherboards, power supplies, drives and processors continue to be produced in smaller sizes, the computing power of a 1U storage server may be equal to or even greater than a storage unit with a larger form factor.
  • Greater flexibility. 1U servers are available with a short depth chassis with higher computing density that helps to save even more space on server racks.

1U storage options from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been providing custom-configured workstations, servers and storage solutions for more than 25 years. Combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to superior customer service and exceptionally competitive pricing, we have won a hard-earned reputation as the #1 white box server solutions provider to customers in business, education and government.

We provide a number of options for a 1U storage rack server, as well as 1U rackmount servers, high-density servers and GPU servers, including options for a 1U Atom server. When our customers can't find the exact 1U storage server they need from our wide selection of products, we can custom configure a storage server to meet any requirements.

Thinkmate 1U storage servers

Our 1U storage devices include:

  • NAS storage servers. Thinkmate STX-NS storage solutions provide low-cost bulk NAS storage that balances high-capacity and performance in server rackmount form factors from 1U to 4U. Ideal for moderate workloads, 24x7 cloud data centers, scale-out storage and replicated data environments, our 1U NAS storage servers offer exceptional file transfer rates, file-sharing for clients across composite OS platforms, support for Areca's PCI based RAID adapters and a feature set designed to enable lower cost-per-gigabyte stored.
  • Supermicro SuperStorage® 1U rack servers with Intex Xeon processors, up to 3 TB maximum RAM, a variety of SAS/SATA or NVMe hot-swappable drives, two PCIe 3.0x16 and dual 10-gigabit ethernet.

Why Thinkmate is your best source for 1U storage servers

Since1986, Thinkmate has been a leading provider of custom-built servers, storage and workstations. Our dedication to exceptional quality and reliability allows our customers to count on their Thinkmate servers and storage solutions to deliver the compute power, functionality and reliability they need for business continuity.

When you work with Thinkmate, you'll find that every member of our company is dedicated to building respectful relationships with customers and doing everything in their power to make sure you are satisfied with your Thinkmate technology as well as your experience in configuring and purchasing it. Whether it's 1U storage servers or equipment for a custom server rack, we build every machine to your exact specifications to ensure your equipment meets the needs of your data center and the workloads it must manage.

FAQs: what is a 1U storage server

What is a 1U storage server?

A 1U storage server is a computing device that is dedicated to data storage, and that is designed and manufactured to occupy a single unit (1U) in a standard server rack.

What are the advantages of a 1U storage server?

1U storage device provides greater flexibility for IT teams as they seek to achieve maximum performance and data storage density within a limited data center footprint. A 1U storage server also makes it easier to scale storage capacity and to not over provision as data centers manage growing volumes of data. Additionally, a 1U storage device helps to reduce costs, as it is typically less expensive to purchase and to operate.

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