1U Servers

A rackmount server in the 1U footprint offers an excellent balance between computing power, space utilization, ease of deployment, capacity scaling, and power consumption. 1U servers are ideal for businesses that host their own websites and for those that provide hosting services, among others. New server deployments can begin with a single 1U server and expand with additional 1U servers as capacity requirements increase. This allows power and space savings in space-constrained environments.

Benefits of 1U Servers

1U rack servers are ideal for many daily business tasks and also form the basic building blocks of data centers. Depending on application, a 1U rack server offers advantages over servers in other form factor configurations.

Rack servers larger than 1U servers, such as a 2U rack server, can provide more volume to house larger components such as hard drives for RAID applications. However, improvements in technology have reduced the size of drives, power supplies, and CPUs. Similar capabilities can now be found in 1U servers today as those available in 2U or larger configurations several years ago. Colocation costs can be reduced as servers can be sized down to 1U if application requirements allow. Productivity of each 1U unit on a 42U rack cabinet is also improved.

A 1U server provides a lower cost alternative to blade servers. As 1U servers come in standardized physical dimensions, they can easily be deployed in standard racks. If a 1U server fails, replacements can easily be found. Also, as processor technology improves, more cores are implemented into each processor chip, the computing power of a 1U server can be similar to or exceed that of a blade server.

High Performance 1U Servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a comprehensive range of 1U servers that are the industry's highest performing and most energy efficient servers with competitive pricing.

For supercomputing-level processing power, Thinkmate’s GPX GPU-optimized servers provide massively parallel processing power and unrivaled networking flexibility. GPX 1U servers can scale up to five GPUs powered by Gold Level power supplies and energy-saving motherboards that are optimized by enterprise-class server management for cooling. GPX servers are the perfect computing hardware for HPC applications such medical imaging, oil and gas simulation, astrophysics, financial simulation, and quantum chemistry.

If GPU-optimized servers are not required, Thinkmate’s HDX line of high density servers offers high performance computing using non GPU processors from Intel and AMD. HDX 1U servers provide high levels of parallel computing power and networking flexibility in a compact physical package that reduces costs, energy, and space requirements while easily allowing for expandability as needs change. HDX servers meet requirements for cloud computing, clustering, and virtualization in applications such as education and research, medical imaging, manufacturing, and genomics. Our highly flexible and configurable RAX series of servers is also available in a 1U form factor and can meet a wide range of workload requirements including the needs of small businesses.

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