1U Rack Server

A 1U rack server is the smallest unit that can be mounted in a standard 42U rack. The 1U footprint allows organizations and data centers to incrementally scale up capacity to meet growth requirements versus a larger footprint where unused capacity may occupy valuable space in the rack.

A 1U rack server can form the basic server unit in many data center solutions and offers advantages over other server sizes such as a 2U rack server. Technology improvements have reduced the size of motherboards, power supplies, drives, and processors. The computing power of a 1U rack server today can be equal to or greater than that of a 2U or larger server. As a result, the productivity per 1U space on a rack is increased.

Comprehensive 1U Rack Server Solutions Available From Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers the most comprehensive range of 1U rack servers in the industry. As the premier white box server supplier, Thinkmate has an extensive range of configurable 1U servers available for purchase through its website. If a desired configuration is not available, Thinkmate can custom configure a 1U rack server to meet any requirements. Thinkmate’s in-house hardware and software engineers ensure that the best quality components are used and extensive testing is performed before each configuration is manufactured and released to customers. Each Thinkmate 1U rack server comes with a 3 year warranty with options for advance parts, onsite, and return to depot support.

In addition to its own 1U rack server series, Thinkmate also sells a full range of Supermicro SuperServer® 1U rack servers. Supermicro 1U servers offer the best price/performance ratio in the industry. A Supermicro 1U server can be configured with up to 4 CPUs, 10 drive bays, and 1TB of memory offering high density computing capability in a 1U chassis. Each Supermicro SuperServer® comes with a 3 year limited warranty and 24 hour support from Thinkmate. When you buy a Supermicro server from Thinkmate, you can be assured of zero or minimal downtime.

Use Thinkmate's 1U Rack Server for a Wide Range of Applications

With numerous and custom configurations available, Thinkmate’s 1U rack server can be used for a large variety of applications: from a high performance computing server using 4 CPUs with 64 cores to a RAID-enabled storage server with an array of hot-swappable hard and solid-state drives. In addition to Microsoft Windows, a Thinkmate 1U rack server can be configured with a wide choice of Linux server operating systems such as Red Hat®, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and openSUSE. The large availability of configurations offer an optimal blend of performance, density , energy efficiency, and cost, making Thinkmate’s servers ideal for building fault-tolerant and scalable data centers.

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