1U Atom Server

Improve performance with a 1U Atom server

When you want a server that delivers high-density, high performance and minimal system downtime, consider a Supermicro 1U Atom server. With support for up to 4 processors, 12 drive bays and 1.5 TB of memory, a Supermicro Atom server is ideal for environments where extremely low power consumption is important and where 100% server uptime is essential.

At Thinkmate, you'll find a wide selection of Supermicro 1U Atom server products that can be custom configured to meet the needs of any computing environment.

The advantages of a 1U Atom server

Intel Atom-based servers are designed for very low heat output, making them extremely popular for systems that require quiet performance or where fanless servers are deployed. Requiring low power consumption of less than 10W and configurable with no moving parts, 1U Atom servers run extremely cool and provide nearly silent operation. Atom CPUs range from single core up to 16 processing cores and are configurable with up to 64GB DDR4 RAM.

Delivering advanced technology and processing capabilities on an ultra-thin and lightweight design, Intel Atom processors reduce the space and energy required to protect and store data.

1U Atom servers from Thinkmate

For more than 25 years, Thinkmate has been providing cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and ultra-competitive pricing for customers in business, government and education. Today, our commitment to superior quality and reliability has made us the #1 white box solutions provider for servers, storage devices and workstations. Combining deep technical knowledge and a broad range of products, we enable our customers to provision server and storage technology that is 100% customized to the needs of their computing environments.

Our 1U Atom servers from Supermicro use redundant components to virtually eliminate system downtime. With a slim form factor and support for M.2 and SATA drives, our 1U Atom servers provide high-density performance while consuming very little power.

Additional features of Thinkmate 1U Atom devices include:

  • Up to 64GB DDR4 unbuffered ECC
  • 1 M.2 drive
  • Up to 4 2.5" SATA drives
  • Quad 10-gigabit ethernet, Quad 1-gigabit ethernet, dual 10-gigabit ethernet or eight 1-gigabit ethernet network cards
  • 1 PCIe 3.0x4 LP storage card

Every 1U Atom server or 1U storage server from Thinkmate can be customized with a wide variety of components to meet the exact requirements of any data center. Additionally, we can custom build 1U servers or 1U storage devices when customers can't find the exact machine they need from within our extensive line of products.

Configuring your 1U Atom server

When you're ready to cost out, compare or order a 1U Atom server from Thinkmate, our world-class configurator can help you do it quickly and easily. Start by selecting a base model server based on your ideal platform, maximum RAM, form factor and other features, then select from a wide range of options to build a machine that meets your needs exactly. You'll have a choice of M.2 drives, SATA hard drives, network cards, PCIe storage cards, cables, operating systems and software, each marked with transparent pricing that makes it easy to get an exact cost for your server. Our expert solution architects are available to answer questions and to make sure your server is configured correctly for your environment.

Why source your 1U Atom server from Thinkmate?

When you come to Thinkmate for a 1U Atom server and other data center servers and storage systems, you can have confidence in the reliability of our machines and the affordability of our pricing. The quality of our server and storage solutions is unsurpassed – our extensive quality control and testing processes make sure that every machine we build can deliver the reliability and performance our customers expect. Our commitment to customer service is unwavering – all the members of our customer service team and our entire company are committed to doing everything in their power to ensure our customers are satisfied with their Thinkmate equipment and buying experience. And because we have direct relationships with the same suppliers that are used by the big name manufacturers, you can be sure that the cost of your custom-built equipment is on par with or lower than the prices at our competitors.

FAQs: What is a 1U Atom server?

What is a 1U Atom server?

A 1U Atom server is a rackmount server with a 1U form factor that is built with an Intel Atom processor.

What are the advantages of a 1U Atom server?

A 1U server with an Atom processor requires very little power and operates with very low heat output, making it ideal for fanless operation or for systems that require very quiet performance from servers. 1U Atom servers provide advanced processing capabilities on a lightweight design, minimizing the space required to deliver high-density performance with minimal system downtime.

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