12 Bay Server

Balance performance and cost with a 12 bay server

When you need to increase server performance without over-provisioning and paying for more storage than you need, a 12 bay server is an excellent option. A server with 12 hard drives or solid-state drives provides ample storage that can help to increase data availability and processing speed at a reasonable cost, enabling you to save resources for other data center needs.

As a world-class provider of custom-built computer and server equipment since 1986, Thinkmate provides a broad selection of 12 bay servers that can be custom-configured to your exact specifications. Combining excellent reliability, exceptional customer service and ultra-competitive pricing, Thinkmate makes it easy to affordably provision the servers you need.

Options for your 12 bay server

When configuring a 12 bay server, you'll have a choice of:

  • HDD vs. SSD. Hard disk drives (HDD) are slower and more prone to malfunction but offer a lower cost per gigabyte stored. Solid-state drives are quite fast and more reliable but also more expensive.
  • Types of connection. SAS drives are fast and reliable, making them ideal for primary storage. SATA drives offer larger capacity and a cheaper cost per gigabyte stored, making them more suitable for secondary storage.
  • Hot-swappable vs. non-hot-swappable. Hot-swappable drives enable you to replace a drive that has failed without powering down the system, helping to improve continuity and minimize downtime.
  • 2.5" vs. 3.5" Drives. Using 2.5" drives typically enables more drives to be installed in the server, while 3.5" drives may offer a larger capacity.

12 bay server options from Thinkmate

Thinkmate provides custom-built servers, storage solutions and workstations for customers in business, government and education. By combining deep technical knowledge with cutting-edge technology and superior customer service, we serve as a one-stop partner for our customers and have become the #1 white box server solutions provider in the industry.

Our selection of 12 bay servers includes rackmount servers, GPU servers, high-density servers, NAS storage servers and nearline storage servers. Every Thinkmate machine can be 100% customized for the needs of any computing environment – we don't do standard configurations. Our world-class configurator provides more customizable options than any other system builder online, and our clear and transparent pricing model ensures that you can quickly cost out, compare, configure and order your 12 bay server while keeping an eye on your budget.

A wide range of 12 bay servers

Thinkmate 12 bay servers include:

  • Rackmount servers that deliver flexibility in 1U to 4U form factors, with proven reliability, high levels of performance and industry-leading performance-per-watt savings.
  • GPU servers that deliver massively parallel processing power with GPU-accelerated, enterprise-class supercomputing servers.
  • High-density servers that make it possible to increase computing density while minimizing cost, energy and space requirements with up to eight systems in the same physical space.
  • NAS storage servers that provide a balance between high-capacity and performance, delivering low-cost bulk storage designed for up-to-date workloads and vast amounts of unstructured data.
  • Nearline storage servers that deliver high-capacity storage for multi-drive server systems that require predictable and reliable performance, with HDD capacities up to 8 TB and a choice of SATA or SAS interfaces.

In addition to a 12 bay server, you'll find plenty of options for a 24 bay storage server and a JBOD large storage server for RAID arrays or JBOD expansion.

Why choose a 12 bay server from Thinkmate?

For more than 25 years, Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of servers, storage solutions and workstations for customers in a wide range of industries. Our exceptionally reliable equipment, superior customer service and highly competitive pricing have made us the go to source for organizations that want custom-configured computing solutions with excellent ROI and lower total cost of ownership.

Every Thinkmate machine is made in the USA in our state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts. Detailed reliability records and our own stress-testing protocols enable us to offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, which can be upgraded to five years and next business day, on-site service.

FAQs: What is a 12 bay server?

What is a 12 bay server?

A 12 bay server is a computing device designed to manage specific resources on a network, and that features 12 drive bays which can be used to install hard disk drives, solid-state drives and other equipment.

What are the benefits of a 12 bay server?

A 12 bay server offers ample opportunity to increase storage capacity in a data center while also minimizing server storage cost cost over devices with greater capacity such as a 24 bay server or even a 72 bay server.

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