480GB Micron M510DC 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Solid State Drive

Micron part #: MTFDDAK480MBP-1AN1ZABYY

Optimized for Read-Heavy, Write-Light Workloads

The read-heavy demands of data center appliances, content delivery networks, virtual desktop infrastructures, and databases using business intelligence and decision support systems (BI/DSS) are the target markets for Micron’s M510DC SATA enterprise SSD. The M510DC’s robust features, extended endurance, and competitive price point are ideal for sequential workloads with large block transfer sizes.

Get the solid performance you need from an SSD specifically designed for demanding 24/7 enterprise workloads, along with the world-class support and proven quality and reliability that can only be offered by a truly vertically integrated SSD supplier.

Price: $299.00

Main Specifications
Product TypeServer
Storage Capacity480GB
Form Factor2.5" Internal
Interface6.0Gb/s Serial ATA
Endurance2x DWPD
Detailed Specifications
Lifetime Endurance960GB/day or
1.85PB Written
Life Expectancy2 million hours MTBF
Read IOPS63,000 IOPS
Write IOPS23,000 IOPS
Read Speed420 MB/s
Write Speed380 MB/s

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