Thinkmate OEM Appliances
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Appliance Branding Options

Our experience in hardware packaging and graphics design enables Thinkmate to provide complete corporate branding for every device manufactured, from custom bezels and logos to packaging labels and shipping documentation.

Thinkmate provides a flexible range of branding options, which can give your product visibility at any budget or volume.

Badges and Logos

A custom label made of any number of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes can give your appliance a completely unique look and feel.

Custom Bezels

We can have a custom faceplate or bezel cut from a material of your choice such as a plastic or a brushed aluminum that would best fit the needs and aesthetics of your solution.

Custom Paint

Every detail of your chassis can be completely customized with paint, vinyl or silk screening to match your design exactly.


Security measures can be put into place to protect your design from vandalism or theft.


Customized boxing and packaging provides a unique look and feel for your appliance branding. Packaging can be customized with the proper colors, sizes, logos, and accessories to provide an attractive out-of-the-box experience for your customer.